The last monthes have been tough. Corona's been keeping the world in suspense.

When you hear the news, you might think that the economy has come to a complete standstill, except in some sectors. But this is not entirely true. We're all realizing that a lot of things are happening virtually. Companies don't just wait and see and company managers don't just hold their hands in their laps. This also applies to the HR sector. They are still looking for qualified personnel and they are also paying attention to the topic of personnel development.

We became really aware of this at the end of March, after our OD-Tools partner from the heavily battered Italy contacted us. While we still had to get used to the "home office" and exit restrictions, this was already everyday life in Italy. We were told about the very quick changeover to virtual training and coaching - the time is being used for people working in the home office. And, our online OD-Tools are also being used:

MQ (Motivation-Resilience-Profile) and Trait-Map (Personality-Potential-Profile) with the group evaluations support, for example, successful soft-skill workshops and coaching sessions, which are implemented purely virtually. The informative reports help to deal with oneself and the group on the respective topics in video calls or virtual classrooms.


Suddenly a method is also in demand that was not so hip before. The 90° - 360° feedback surveys move into focus. In addition to our classic competence models for managers and employees, customer-specific feedback is requested. Competence models and their application will be reviewed.


We are also experiencing that virtual coaching and team workshops are being positively received right now and that this tiring sitting at home, even when you have work to do, makes it a bit more bearable. The human being is a social being and needs a more intensive exchange and contact than is currently possible for many. With the appropriate media, even one-day events can be made entertaining and fruitful. In addition, skills in virtual communication and the use of the media are trained simultaneously.

In this way, such measures allow you to press the pause button and at the same time ensure that personnel development also fulfils its task in this phase.

This is a good adaptation to new circumstances! Because anyone who hopes that we will quickly return to familiar face-to-face events, to work without distance, will be left behind...

Autor: WfMO